He scolded the rest because of their childishness and you can necessary for them to take the latest transmitted positively

He scolded the rest because of their childishness and you can necessary for them to take the latest transmitted positively

Prologue – New Fighters from Promise

Nagisa earliest searched due to the fact Warriors regarding Guarantee took over an effective information networking sites studio, while they began playing with the human body of lifeless reporter. not, his jobs weren’t paid attention to, in which he ran off the « zombie » in addition to Kotoko when Masaru and you can Jataro arrived at pursue her or him, until he trigger. He was after that seen over to along side it with his fingers entered as the Monaca handled the digital camera.

He was later on seen towards the other Warriors from Pledge in the main hallway, bringing up their condition regarding « Li’l Ultimate Public Studies » and you will admonishing Masaru getting bragging throughout the their updates since frontrunner. When Monaca showed up, he went straightened out on her to allowed Komaru. He hurried the team to introduce themselves and you can shown a direct a reaction to Komaru writing about him just like the a kid. He shared with her that years failed to matter, so long as you have fuel. The guy comforted Monaca when Komaru troubled her and you can informed me that she will be the target of the 2nd online game regarding Devil Hunting. He also said that he had been to start with against the games, because there is actually much more as done to introduce the children’s paradise, however, he made a decision to let to the request out-of Monaca. Not long immediately after Slave turned up and put the new Monokuma bracelet to the Komaru, Nagisa and also the most other Fighters unsealed a trap-door, and you may Komaru dropped back off towards Towa Area. A short while later, the guy cheered and you can laughed plus the almost every other Warriors from Promise for the expectation towards the games, stating that Komaru would-be worthy of an extra higher get due to the fact she got distressed him or her hence, if they didn’t fight, they don’t count whom acquired.

Section dos – Legend of one’s Trend

Immediately following Masaru’s overcome, the guy tries to concern in the event that he had been is really dead or not-stating that the brand new Monokuma Children’s report simply informed him which he are ‘captured’ by the adults. The problem is became as much as into the him when Monaca starts to evaluate Nagisa’s conclusion to help you a keen adult’s, and his awesome teammates front side with her. He could be up coming spoke down by Monaca, exactly who manipulates your toward confessing their emotions, which simply leaves your too embarrassed to carry on. Monaca then decides to intensify Nagisa out-of vice-frontrunner with the Warriors’ brand new leader unlike Masaru.

Part step three – Sweet Women’s Battleground

Adopting the Komaru and you can Toko’s just be sure to contact Coming Basis throughout the most readily useful of Towa Tower, Nagisa directs multiple Monokuma Infants into the a mission so you can pick the spot where the adults is hiding away, next concocts a propose to get rid of them in a single dropped swoop to enable them to really begin to mainly based Eden. He suggests their intend to Monaca, Kotoko, and you can Kurokuma during payday loan companies Marshalltown IA their meeting and later delivers good hoard of Monokuma to obtain the resistance base.

When Kotoko was beaten, Nagisa appear immediately after she’s conserved by Komaru and Toko. The guy starts of the explaining to the 2 towards Warriors’ collective concern with grownups, and the cause of its hatred. He notices that, provided one another people remain in Towa Town, their vision out of Eden may not be came across, which leads to their decision so that him or her wade. The guy suggests their plan to enhance the several stay away from, exhibiting their severity by removing Komaru’s wristband. However, an excellent Monokuma Kid information all of this and you may delivers the fresh video clips so you can Slave. When Kotoko tries to follow him, Nagisa ends her, wanting to protect the lady regarding any one of Monaca’s fury to your his disturbance in the video game.

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